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Former Marine asking for retrial
after other than honorable discharge

The United States Army Human Resources Command (AHRC) is searching for soldiers
of Jewish American and Hispanic American descent who were awarded the
Distinquished Service Cross (DSC) for action between Dec. 7, 1941 and Dec. 12, 2001.
If you know of anyone that qualifies please follow the link below.

Review of Distinguished Service Cross Awards

WWII Memorial

Veterans Alumni Association, was established in 1981
by a veteran, Mr. Tom Wagner. Its purpose is to help
veterans in locating friends brought together while
serving together in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,
or Coast Guard.

Korean War Vets, see if you qualify for the Korean War Service Medal
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"Finding buddies: Man, computer reunite veterans" - Dallas Times Herald Mar 13, 1983

"Finder of lost Army buddies even has 'em marching up the aisle" - GLOBE May 3, 1988

"The Vet Net: where are they now, I wonder. Alive? Dead? Ill? Well? Happy? Miserable?
The man I should ask is Tom Wagner" - The Ledger-Star Nov 12, 1990

"World War II Vets Reunite After 58 Years Via E-Mail, Web Site Helps Find War Veterans" -
The KCRA Channel June 6, 2002

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Veterans History
Project American Folklife Center Library of Congress
Veterans Alumni Association is a National Partner of the Veterans History Project
in cooperation with the Library of Congress and the American Folklife Center.

Veterans Alumni Association is part of the Commemoration Partner Progam with the Department of Defense 50th Anniversary of the Korean War. Click here for more information.

Where the poppies grow...
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Founder Tom Wagner  Mr. Tom Wagner, Founder Veterans Alumni Association.

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